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  • K to 12 will strain colleges and universities’ resources. 20% to 40% of enrollees are OFW Children. Don’t miss out. Collect their tuition fees on time:
    1. Additional Costs and hassle of going after bad payers
    2. Later collections may create delay in starting the semester
  • Academic standard may suffer:
    1. Student may experience moral hazard: why work for an exam you are not sure of attending?
    2. Additional burden for teachers organizing special exams

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How It Works

Step 1: Send us the bill

Send us the assessment result from OFW children with payment details, so we can inform OFWs of the right amount and make direct payment to university. The partner can send all their OFW children’s bills so we can fasten their collection process or we can ask verification for every OFW children’s client of the service.

STEP 2: Receive payment and issue exam permit

  1. Juan makes a payment in Dubai or other locations overseas at one of our participating merchants for the bill you have provided.
  2. We will initiate immediately the payment from our local bank account in the Philippines.
  3. We will send everyone a text and an email: to the university for reconciliation (cross reference of student ID and payment details), to the sender for receipt, to the student for exam permit. 

STEP 3: Send us back the student's grades

Let the parents keep contact with their children or relatives in the Philippines by sending back to us the grades of the sponsored student:

  1. By uploading them to
  2. Integrating with your IT system

What are the next steps?

  1. Endorsement by your institution’s president.
  2. Set up a joint meeting with accounting, registrar, and IT to settle coordination details.
  3. Sign a Memorandum of Agreement.  Sample