Padala Eskwela from Hong Kong

Pay for your loved one's tuition in the Philippines directly.
Quick, easy and hassle-free!

Available for any kindergarten, elementary, high school, college or university in the Philippines!

80% cheaper than traditional cash remittance. Sending fees as low as only HK$8.

We guarantee the issuance of exam permits within 3 working days after making a payment. In case of delay, we offer full refund.

Available at

Padala Eskwela with PhilSmile                   vs.

Know your loved ones school tuition fees using your PhilSmile account

PhilSmile will be in contact with your loved ones' school to inform you of the exact tuition bill.

Your loved ones will no longer need to worry about informing you and asking for remittance for their tuition fees.


Easily deposit tuition payments at 

HSBC 24/7 Cash Deposit Machines

Widely available on almost every street corner. 

No lines, no hassle!

Very low sending fees: only HK $8

80% cheaper than your typical cash remittance!

Your payment is sent directly to your loved one's school
Save the time and effort of you and your loved ones. 

AND know where your hard earned money is spent.

PADALA ESKWELA with PhilSmile!

The cost and hassle of cash remittance

You send cash at a money shop

Additionally, sending fees can cost about ~HK $20 or ~116 PHP

Your money is transferred to a money shop in the Philippines

Pick-up fees, which can cost about ~110 PHP, are taken from the cash you sent.


Your loved ones will need to spend and travel for the pick-up.

Traveling can be very inconvenient and becomes an additional cost.


Your loved one will need to line up at the School Cashier to complete their payment

Half a day can be wasted, spent waiting in line to pay for enrollment. 


Let us help you make things more convenient for you and your loved ones.

PADALA ESKWELA with PhilSmile!