Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is registration free?

    Registration is totally FREE. You can try out the service, connect with your student, before starting making payment for your recipient’s enrollment.

  • How does PhilSmile work?

    1. Enter your student’s enrollment detail
    2. Pay for his/her tuition for only 1 USD PER TRANSFER
    3. Receive his/her grades
  • How long does the registration take?

    It only takes ten minutes to register.

  • What information is key in the registration?

    1. The enrollment detail (student full name, school, year, programs) is required to know his/her calendar of tuition fees.
    2. the student’s phone number to receive text that his exam permit is ready for pick-up.
  • What schools have signed with PhilSmile?

    Please check out our list here.

  • Where can I pay for PhilSmile?

    1. We accept online payment with PayPal with a sending fee of only 1USD.
    2. We offer different cash payment centers. Please check it out in your country.
  • How will I know when to pay?

    Your online account will show you the full calendar fees with the amount and due dates. We will send you an SMS reminder.

  • How long should I pay before the exam of my student?

    We should make a payment at least 3 working days before the exam.

  • How does it work at a payment center?

    Before going to the payment center, you need to select on your online account which bill you want to pay (for which student and which period, like downpayment or full semester).

    1. Enter your phone number
    2. Check the balance and make the payment
    3. Pick up your receipt

    We guarantee the issue of an exam permit for the student within 3 working days of the payment.

  • What happens if the school is not paid within 3 working days?

    If for whatever reason, PhilSmile proves unable to pay the school within 3 workng days, PhilSmile offers refund at no cost to the client.

  • How is my student informed of the payment?

    The student receives an SMS inviting him to pick up his exam permit at the school cashier.

  • Why should I prepay?

    Some Overseas Filipinos are only employed overseas for a short period of time. Seafarers will be at sea for only 9 months. If they come back in May, they have no job and no income to pay for June’s enrollment, and the family has sometimes used all the money sent back earlier. PhilSmile enables them to prepare this by prepaying during their time at sea.

    For example:

    With PhilSmile: for a semester from June and October 2015 of PhP30,000; the seafarer will pay PhP5,000 per month between December 2014 and May 2015.

    With a loan shark: Juan has not planned, comes back unexpectedly in the Philippines with no money. He has to wait for 3 months and pay P15,000 of tuition fees before going back abroad. He has to borrow it from friends and loan sharks at 4% per month. He will end up paying PhP2,548 of fees, or 17% of the amount borrowed over the course of 4 months.

  • If the prepayment only for seafarer?

    Working overseas is full of uncertainty. Prepaying makes sure your children are provided for. You are sick and can’t work for a few weeks or months? Your contract is terminated and you need a few months to find a new one? No worry, the tuitions are already paid for.

  • What happens if I can’t pay the next week payment of my prepayment?

    We offer a 30 days grace period. So you won’t be charged in any way for late payment. However, if you stop any payment for more than 30 days, we will contact you to resolve the issue.

  • Can I get a refund of my prepayment?

    Refund is available, nearly in full. The small sending fees can’t be reimbursed and the foreign exchange applicable may differ depending on the prevailing market rate at the time.